11th March 2017

In March 2017, DEF Promotions held Clash of Champions II, which sold over 6000 seats. This 9-bout fight featured boxers from 7 different countries: Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, and the United Kingdom. Similar to how Night of Champions II back in 2015 featured fighters from Australia, in Clash of Champions II, DEF Promotions featured Filipino boxers.

Clash of Champions II also displayed DEF Promotions’ disposition to try new methods to promote their events. Typically, live broadcasts were typically limited to television distributors or through pay-per-view channels.

However, DEF Promotions decided to livestream the entire event on Facebook Live, selling the rights to Huawei for a great fee.

The event was led by Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso (20-0-0), who faced Hirofumi Mukai (13-4-3). Through an eighth round knockout, Rex was able to win and retain three titles
WBC Asian Boxing Council Super Flyweight title
WBO Asia Pacific Super Flyweight title
WBO International Super Flyweight title

Additionally, Mark Anthony Geraldo (33-8-3) was able to win the WBO Oriental Bantamweight title in a ten-round unanimous decision against Kenny Demecillo (12-3-2).